Plan Now For A Productive Year

As we look at towards the spring of 2016 there is great optimism. Last year we were coming off the incredible milk prices of 2014 and many farmers hoped that milk price would remain steady. Unfortunately, it did not and farmers saw their milk checks almost cut in half. The incredible highs from 2014 were shortly lived and 2015 many businesses needed to look at different avenues to stay solvent.

Parts GuysMany businesses along with Lancaster Parts & Equipment were greatly affected by this downturn. Our Lancaster Parts Division however, saw very minimal sales valleys. Lancaster Parts™ saw and acted, last year was the first year we ran a Spring Discount Special. With that initiative and price discounts, Lancaster Parts™ was able to brave the tumultuous weather and pull thought. A big thank you, goes out to Parts Team. Joe, Jason and Sam make up our parts team and without them we could not fill orders let alone service all the customers we have.

This year we are back at it again, with another Spring Discount Special, we are a giving 5% discount on our own manufactured hay parts and equipment. With the parts you need, you can be more productive. We here at Lancaster Parts encourage you to check out our specials, for your convenience we also have the specials on our online store. If you have any questions please give us a call at 717-299-3721, we look forward to speaking with you.

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