Since the 1980’s, Lancaster Parts & Equipment has been a leading manufacturer of aftermarket parts and equipment. Whether you need a one-off project or a full production run, small parts to large assemblies, we can provide the fabrication support you need.

Our experienced team of designers, fabricators, and welders will complete your work with integrity and attention to detail throughout the entire process – from design and testing to fabrication and assembly.

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Custom Fabrication Services

Serving the Industrial/Commercial and Agricultural Industries






Our custom metal fabrication capabilities include: 3D design, plasma cutting, bending, welding, automated saw cutting, and machining. Through our network of trusted vendors, we also offer a range of coating and hardening treatments.

From 3D modeling to prototyping and production, we will work closely with you to make sure your project is done correctly and efficiently.



Our CNC milling capabilities include a 2020 HAAS 4 axis mill  50″ X 20″ X 25″ 


Our Tsugami M08SY-II dual spindle CNC lathe features live tooling, y-axis, and bar feeder for up to 2.60″ diameter material.

The large Doosan lathe has the ability to handle parts as large as 30″ in diameter, with 80″ between centers, and a 4.75″ spindle bore. Live tooling allows us to turn parts and add 90° features in the same set-up.



High-def plasma cutting for mild steel up to 1.5″ thick.

Our MetalMaster 2.0 high-def plasma is capable of cutting up to 1.5″ thick mild steel. When it comes to parts that measure 3/4″ – 1.5″ thick, a plasma cutter is quicker than a laser, the edges are smoother, and it’s about 30% less expensive than a laser cutter. If tight tolerances are not a concern, plasma cutting might be the right solution for your part.



Forming and rolling for metals up to 0.5″ thick.

Our forming equipment includes a 100-ton, 10′ long, 2-axis, programmable press brake capable of bending metal up to 0.5″ thick. We also utilize a 4′ wide plate roller.



MIG, TIG, and STICK welding.

In our welding shop, we are capable of welding mild steel, stainless, and aluminum. We will do anything from custom equipment repair projects to production runs. Give us a call to see if our welding shop is the right fit for your project!


Design and manufacturing for custom parts.

Do you have a part that you’d like to replicate or improve? Need some custom equipment but are unsure of how to design and build it? We can help! Our design and reverse engineering services are ideal for situations where you need a custom or hard-to-find part made. We utilize computer-aided design (CAD) tools to ensure that every part we make meets your expectations.


Zinc coating, powder coating, galvanizing, and painting.

Coatings are applied by local vendors who we trust and have worked with for many years. Through these relationships, we’re able to offer a full range of metal coatings and finishes for your project.

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“Very willing to help… good, trustworthy company!”

– Lyndon Shrock | Custom Harvester and Farm Equipment Repair Shop

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“Lancaster Parts & Equipment has always been easy to do business with. They have very competitive Lead Times and are resourceful in finding solutions.”

– Brandon Sauder | Beiler Paving

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“Solid service and competitive labor rates… overall excellent value!”

– Demetrios Haseotes | Midland Farms

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“They are very knowledgeable every time and never mess up getting the wrong parts. They have helped me in the past with figuring out problems.”

– John Ferry

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“Excellent knowledge and service!”

– Pleasant Acre Farms

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“Knowledgeable, nice, friendly staff who are willing to work for you!”

– Loren Hoover | Triple L Farm

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“Great people to work with and excellent service!”

– Dave Nehrig | Nehrig Farms

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“Lancaster Parts & Equipment did a great job [servicing] my 5830 and always do a great job of getting parts shipped out.”

– Arthur Shull | Blue Ball Meadow Farms

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“Job done well and timely… always good doing business with you all!”

– Herbert Harkins | Harkins Hill Farm

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“Integrity and Service!”

– John A Zimerman

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“We consider Lancaster Parts & Equipment our go-to source for custom manufacturing of parts. They are a great partner for our company!”

– DH Funk & Sons

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“Lancaster Parts & Equipment does an excellent job from ordering parts, service questions over the phone, and servicing our  machines.”

– Adam Thompson

Why Farmers Choose Lancaster Parts & Equipment:

“Availability and Price!”

– Melvin Diller

Examples of Custom Jobs We’ve Done for Customers

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Turn to the metal fabrication experts at Lancaster Parts for your next custom part. To discuss your needs and receive a quote, contact us today. Typical turnaround time for quotes is 1-2 days.

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