LP&E Parts Division


One of the goals of this blog is to highlight each of our divisions and discuss a little bit about their history, what makes each unique, and which products and services are provided through them. Today, I wanted to take some time to talk about our Parts Division.

When we started in 1965, the company was called Lancaster Silo. (You can read more about that on our About Page.) Paul Smucker began the company with his partner Omar Stoltzfus, and their entire business was making silos for farmers around the Lancaster region. Our Parts Department actually began while we were still using the Lancaster Silo name and, appropriately, its first purpose was to store silo wear parts and tubing.

As the company grew, however, we realized a need to diversify our inventory and remain competitive. We began storing Harvester wear parts, and eventually grew into the need for a dedicated building, which was built in 2002. By the early 2000s, we began manufacturing parts for forage equipment.

In 2012, we realized that the name “Lancaster Silo” didn’t accurately reflect our capabilities to the farming community, so we rebranded as Lancaster Parts & Equipment. Since its humble beginning, our Parts Division has truly become one of the biggest contributors to our success. In fact, in 2015 “Lancaster Parts” was birthed as a way to tell our customers that we do in fact manufacture our own parts.

This past year, we also launched an online shopping cart for a better customer service experience. We also have a “Used Parts” department, which was created specifically for customers who want quality, reliable parts, but don’t want to pay the full retail price. Our Parts Division is managed by Joseph Fisher, who’s been with our company for four years.

We hope to showcase some of our new and used parts from time to time on this blog, as well as useful information and video tips demonstrating their use!