Getting to Know Lancaster Hammer Mills

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As our company has grown, we’ve also adapted to provide for the needs of our customers. One of those needs, hammer mills, came to our attention in the 1980s. Hammer mills are used in a wide variety of applications across many industries: in the production of fruit juice, crushing large rocks, for composting, and many other things. In our industry, hammer mills are typically used to grind corn into a fine powder, which is either stored for the longer term or used as livestock feed. By 1991, we had manufactured our first hammer mill and were in production, with our new division Lancaster Hammer Mill focused on building the best hammer mills around for their value.

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Our Lancaster hammer mills are manufactured right here in Lancaster County, which means we control the quality and provide the service on every hammer mill that we sell. Each of our four hammer mills is designed with the user in mind-they’re easily mobile and can be taken apart and set up with minimal time or effort. While production varies due to a number of factors (for instance, grain moisture, screen size, and horsepower), our hammer mills are capable of grinding a full ton of shelled corn each minute.

Lancaster Hammer Mills currently offers four models with the following features (for full features, take a look at our catalogs page).

  • The Model 4000 Rear Discharge is a rear discharge machine that is compatible with both a 540 and a 1000 PTO bagger.
  • The Model 4000 Blower-Out is perfect for filling up to a 90-foot silo with high-moisture corn.
  • The Model 4000 Side Discharge model is a great fit for farmers who plan on filling bunks, as it creates piles of milled grain that can be easily pushed into bunks.
  • The Model 4000 Bagger Mill is designed to make high-moisture grinding simple, and comes with several easy-to-install hoop options.

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If you have any questions about our hammer mills, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d be happy to discuss their design, manufacture, and capabilities, and of course if you’re in need of a hammer mill, we’d love to discuss how you can rent one of ours or purchase one for your own.